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Posted by Peter on April 1, 2006

In case you are wondering why I haven’t been updating for the last few days: I have been working somewhat intensely on my Scheme Direct Graphics package (0.1 version now available on sourceforge). Unfortunately it only works on windows and under Dr. Scheme at the moment, although in the future I may extend it to do more on more platforms. If you use windows and Dr. Scheme and want to give it a try download it from sourceforge and extract it. Inside it, a couple folders deep is a test.scm file that once loaded will allow you to execute the command (go-for-a-drive) which will let you roam arround in the spaceship again, this time much more smoothly and with no flicker. Anyways I am too tired to go more into detail, so sometime tomorrow I’ll give an in depth rundown of what it does, and produce some documentation / tutorials for anyone else who wants to write PLT extensions


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