On Scheme

Thoughts on Scheme and teaching Scheme


In this blog I will discuss my thoughts on Scheme, specifically things I learn by teaching it to others, and things I learn by exploring it myself. Hopefully you might learn some new things to. If I do any projects that might make interesting examples I will post them as well.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Victor S. Flores said

    hi! umm… its my first time reading your blogs and i find ur ideas very interesting. I’m currently taking my masterals in philosophy at the same time teaching students in undergraduate level. I will be using ur blogs as part of my references (if you wouldn’t mind). Ur explanation is quite easy-to-understand so much as it is incompassing in its discussions. I am hoping for a more interactive discussion and am looking forward for your guidance in my inquiries. thanks.

  2. Peter said

    I think you meant to post this on the other blog. In any case feel free to use my material, as long as you don’t quote without attribution. I don’t think I can help you make discussion section more lively though. 🙂

  3. Vijay said

    I am a Scheme programmer and robably you will find my blog interesting! (http://vijaymathew.wordpress.com/)

  4. Vijay said

    I meant probably … 🙂

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