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Summer of Code Results

Posted by Peter on May 23, 2006

And the result is: I wasn’t accepted. Not that that surprises me horribly, but I had decided some time ago that I would let whether I was accepted or not determine what I would be doing with my personal time, because unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day. Yes, that means that this blog will basically be dead for some time. I do plan on working on my project for a new Scheme variant at some point in the future, but without someone paying for it I doubt it will be completed this summer. Another reason for this hiatus is that taking an active interest in the Lisp community has somewhat disheartened me with regards to computer science in general. For example comp.lang.lisp was recently embroiled in a flame war recently about whether Lisp-1 or Lisp-2 was better. What made this discussion especially sad was that never once did someone try to prove the benefits of one system over the other based on some criteria for evaluating languages; instead the discussion was carried forwards by opinion. In my heart I want computer science to be based on science (and math) and not who can yell loudest and longest. This realization made me look at my own project and see that it was motivated more by practical concerns than an expression of a new theory of programming. To make significant progress it is probably necessary to base the language off of some theoretical development that promises to solve the hot problems in computer science (such as the pi-calculus). But I digress, so good night and good bye.


4 Responses to “Summer of Code Results”

  1. matt said

    Hey my names matt im from australia, i just read what you wrote i think was back in 2006 about descartes, i was just curious why was everyone was suddenly so dismissive of the idea that someone wrote of real nature comes before thought and therefore reality cannot be defined only by the means of “i think therefore i am”. When i read the comment posted i assumed the person was talking about instincts that you are born with that come prior to having any actual thought process. I think what the person who wrote the comment was trying to say was, or what im futher keen to know is.. If we had not eaten the apple of knowledge in the garden(im an athiest it’s just theoretical acceptance of our intellectual reign over animals) of eden, would we futher linger on the subjects that intrude the mind striking up vicious thoughts of not exsisting on the level of reasonable consciousness, or would we be conscious but not as intelligent as we are as a species and is this basic consciousness that rene descartes talks about what he says ” i think therefore i am” is this also relevant to the consciousness of animals and all other living things..??

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    Summer of Code Results « On Scheme

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